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What's in a name?

Elder Care, Geriatric Care, Senior Care, Aged Care?

We all know that words matter. We can hurt people’s feelings or be misunderstood with the wrong word choice.

You might be looking for Elder Care for a loved one. Or if you have a more professional connection to the field you may call it Geriatric Care Management. You might be looking for Aged Care or help for Senior Citizens. You might even just be searching for help for mom or how to keep dad safe at home.

What might each of these mean?

older couple with glasses

Elder Care

Elder Care seems to be a more gentle usage, but others may prefer the phrase care for older adults or senior care. There is a nice connection to the phrase “respect for elders”

Senior Care

Senior Care as a term is most often used when discussing senior living options or connecting to the related terms senior citizen or senior center in a local town or village.

Aged Care or Aging Life Care

woman helping an elderly woman out of car

These two other variations add to the

categories we include to describe the field.

Geriatric Care

This more formal term seems to be most often used by professionals in the field. In fact there are professional organizations that use this language.


Regardless of how we name the field, here is what these Care Managers do. This list comes from National Institute of Health

  • Discuss difficult topics and complex issues

  • Make home visits and suggest needed services

  • Address emotional concerns

  • Make short- and long-term plans

  • Evaluate in-home care needs

  • Select care personnel

  • Coordinate medical services

  • Evaluate other living arrangements

  • Provide caregiver stress relief

This is exactly what we do for our clients!

Luckily whatever you call our field, we will be glad you called us. And you will be too!

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