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Medicaid Benefits Increase

New year is a great time for a Benefits Check up

With this latest information coming from Medicaid about increased spending limits and increased resource limits, this is a great time to check in with your current benefits.

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Since the beginning of COVID and even now, no Medicaid Renewals have been completed which means there has not been an opportunity to complete what HCS calls a benefit checkup.

2023 Medicaid Limits for Aged, Blind and Disabled


Income: $1563 a month

Resources: $28,133


Income: $2106 a month

Resources: $37,902

We can help you save money

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Hurley Care Solutions is offering a benefit checkup for $499. This includes reviewing your income for any benefits you may be eligible for, requesting a rebudgeting from Medicaid, and reviewing your Medicare coverage as well. If you are not enrolled for NYS to pay your Medicare Part B this process can save you $164.90 a month being taken out of your gross SSRI deposit. Saving $1978.80 in 2023!

Here are further details about this offer that we recently sent to our current clients.

Benefits spend down increase 2023 Hurley Care Level
Download PDF • 338KB

Call us today and see how we can help with this process and all other related Medicaid applications and renewals, and utilizing and updating Community Pooled Supplemental Needs Trusts to protect income. We work cooperatively with Elder Law Attorneys, Financial Specialists, Tax Consultants and trusted members of your team.

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